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"in my day...", "suspenseful" music that isn't, 50's, accents, adoption, alternative meanings for lol, amethysts, amélie, an horse, animals, anti-circumcision, anti-death penalty, anti-diamonds, anti-peta, art, audrey kawasaki, autumn, bad pick-up lines, badly timed suspenseful music, being constantly silly, bi-emotionality, bisexuality, black and white tv, blublockers, board games, candlelight, castanets, cathedrals, cats, cemetaries, charities, children international, clean sheets, colours, conservation, constellations, correct usage of apostrophes, corsets, cows, cpap, crossword puzzles, cuddling, dark comedy, dark humour, dermatillomania, dialects, drag queens, dutch, education, english, engrish, esperanto, etymology, europe, exhaling in winter, facebook, films, finding beauty, free stuff, friends, generosity, genital integrity, getting mail, girls, grammar, hanging out with rose, health, helping animals, helping others, history, hugs, humour, imperfections, kisses, knitting, languages, laughing, lavender, learning, lesbians, linguistics, live octopi lurking, living forever, long distance phone calls, love, making up words, maps, museums, music, musicals, my furry children, my interests, names that are names, naming inanimate objects, nature, not having tattoos, obscure words, old ads, old books, old game shows, old magazines, pansexual, pansexuality, penguins, people watching, petticoats, photographing random objects, photography, piercings, postcards, psychology, purple, reading, reading the dictionary, real names, reusable shopping bags, road trips, ruby sparks, sarcasm, sending mail, sharing music, silliness, silver, skechers, sleep apnea, smelling paper, snow, spanish, spelling names correctly, spontaneity, spontaneous choreographed dancing, stars, stationery that's stationary, steve irwin, stick figures in peril, tegan and sara, the letter zed, the world, thunderstorms, travelling, tulips, using silly words, vintage ads, vintage lingerie, what's my line?, when depression wasn't trendy, winter sunshine, words with friends, world of warcraft, wow
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